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Royalty Free Piano Music

Moog One Synthesizer

Moog One Synthesizer


Hi everyone.

Well. These are extremely exciting times for all of us synthesists, It really is like a dream come true to live in such exciting times of electronic synthesizer instruments. For years, we have have lusted after those vintage analog classics from yesteryear. And then after finally raising the funds required to meet the rising demands commanded by those vintage collectors items only to be scared away by the fear of purchasing a broken, faulty or high maintenance item that will let you down when needed for every day usage.

Well…those days are over. Here is a brand new golden age for analog synthesizer fanatics.

Let’s have a look at a few highlights from the last few years:

DSI Prophet 6, DSI OB6, Moog Model D Reissue, Mood Sub37, Korg Minilogue, Korg Monologue, Korg Prologue, Novation Peak, Roland SE-02…and not to mention, even Behringer are getting in on the act with the DM12 and Boog Model D.

But folks. Here it is. Yes, it is expensive. Yes it is limited to only 8 or 16 poly depending on the option you choose. And yes, it really, really is – after all of these years. An actual Polyphonic Moog Analog Synth.

You know, some people will scoff at the price. But other people will realise where the joy can come from by having an actual, tactile, real-life, Moog Polyphonic Synthesizer right in front of them. And a modern instrument, requiring no fixing, no temperamental issues. It just works.

The Moog One is here. Check out the video preview below.

Have fun all, and let me know how you get on with yours. Because you know, you will be purchasing a Moog One any day now!

Moog One Video Preview

best free piano vst
best free piano vst


Most popular library music

2018′s Most Popular Library Music Downloads – Updated Weekly

Looking for more great Library Music to include in your productions?

As a regular contributor to the AudioJungle music library myself, I also keep an eye on other popular items to see what is trending and keep in touch with fellow composers.

If you didn’t find any of the free featured items I have provided for Royalty Free use on my website, there’s a good chance you will find something over at AudioJungle instead.

Follow the link below to view the hottest tracks of 2018 so far.

AudioJungle – most popular library music downloads

Most popular library music
Most popular library music


Lonely Dragon Royalty Free Chinese Music

Royalty Free Chinese Music – Lonely Dragon

Royalty Free Chinese Music – Lonely Dragon

Sample and Download now to use in your productions

My latest track is finished and ready for you to download and use in your own media productions.

You can stream a sample of it or download it for your own use at the below link:

Lonely Dragon – Royalty Free

Description of this high quality library music piece

Lonely Dragon is an emotional, oriental style piece of music. It starts with a single, lone koto playing the melody, which builds to a dramatic full Chinese orchestra finale. The perfect piece to accompany a Japanese RPG, oriental location shoot or any romantic picture. Love is in the air with this one, guaranteed your audience will be moved.

Can I use this in my game, youtube video or marketing campaign

Yes, of course. That’s the beauty of Royalty Free music. Once you’ve downloaded it from the website below, it is yours to use in any of the above and more without any PRS fees.

Lonely Dragon – Royalty Free

Isn’t it easier to just download or rip a track from a CD?

No – it’s illegal and if caught you will need to pay a hefty PRS fee. Just use Royalty Free music instead from a high quality music library. That’s what they are there for.

Royalty Free Piano Music

Royalty Free Motivational Piano Music

Royalty Free Motivational Piano Music

Download my new library music piece called “Motivational Piano Intermission”. This is a ready to use piece of royalty free music, which can be licensed for inclusion in your own production right away.

As with my non-free items, I choose to publish my library music through the audio jungle website. Visit the link below to jump straight to the piece on there right now:

Motivational Piano Intermission

Description of the Motivational Piano Intermission

This piece of library music has been crafted to provide a positive feeling, and is great for use on any corporate or personal production, such as background music for training videos or animations. Perfect for youtube.

I have described the piece on audio jungle, the library music publishing website, as follows:

A modern piano based piece of music, interweaving ambient synths and syncopated drums for a motivational background score.

Perfect for a training video, time lapse movie or any other corporate production.

Keywords for Motivational Piano Intermission

The following keywords are used to describe this royalty free, library music piece. These may give you more indication of whether this piece is right for use in your own production:

ambientbackgroundbuildingchillchill outchilloutcorporatecorporate motivationelectronicintermissionmotivationalmotivational pianopianoproductionprofessionalrelaxedscoretime lapsetraininguplifting

Free Waves TrueVerb

Free Waves TrueVerb Reverb Plug In – black friday

Free Waves TrueVerb Reverb plug in

Free Waves TrueVerb – It’s true! – It’s Free! It’s here!

Hey everyone,

Waves are offering one of their plug-ins for free as a special black friday offering.

All you have to do is visit their site and enter your e-mail address to get a free download license for their excellent TrueVerb reverb plug in.

I’ve used this reverb extensively in the past. Even though its an oldie, its still a goodie. A fantastic tool for adding a sense of ambiance to a track or entire mix. It was good even back in the days when I paid a fortune for it, so to acquire this for free is an unbelievable offer.

Grab the Waves TrueVerb plug-in for free now, while you can.

Here’s the link:

Free Waves TrueVerb
Free Waves TrueVerb


Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 review – Presets and Sounds

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 review – Presets and Sounds

Big news for Electronic Music Producers: Omnisphere 2 from Spectrasonics is finally here!

Without a doubt Omnisphere was my favourite VST instrument. Omnisphere’s huge variety of high quality, versatile sounds constantly make an appearance in my own music productions. It has been my go-to sound source for several years.

So unsurprisingly, I’ve been anticipating this release for a long while.

At this moment in time, I haven’t had chance to make the upgrade to the new version. But, after kindly receiving my desperate request to hear good selection of the new sounds included, Skitzo Housecat listened to my pleading and has provided a great series of youtube videos to provide a Spectrasonics Omnisphere review of presets and sounds.

So, here is a link to the first Omnisphere 2 review video. Take a listen for yourself to this fantastic new virtual synthesizer.

Omnisphere 2 review – presets and sounds


Fiverr Music logo test

Fiverr Music Logo Test

Fiver Music Logo Test

Find out how my experience of creating a music logo went on Fiverr

Most likely you already know that a lot of the music I produce is available for movie, game and app designers to use in their products as royalty free music. To help market my music productions further, I carried out this Fiverr Music Logo test to see whether I could acquire a nice graphic to accompany my royalty free music for minimal cost.

My premium music productions are published via the website Audio Jungle, where prospective users of my music can purchase a license and download individual tracks as necessary.

I needed a logo to accompany my individual music submissions for use on the Audio Jungle website. Previously, I uploaded individual thumbnail images which depicted the content of the particular music item. However, I’ve noticed a trend for uploading a standard logo image on the website to provide a brand image for producers contributing their music to the site.

So, after first setting about trying to create my own logo, I quickly realised that the image processing tools available to me were inadequate and that my artistic skills were also lacking.

What to do?

Fortunately, I’d previously stumbled across the website Fiverr, which offers all kinds of services for prices starting at a standard price of $5.00.

And so, after an hour-or-two of frustration trying to create my own logo in MS paint, image creator and so on, I finally gave up and decided to give Fiverr a try.

I quickly located the Fiverr website and typed in logo design into their search form. Immediately I was overwhelmed with the number of people offering to provide a logo for a measly five dollars. My luck was in. I could save myself hours of trying to upskill my artistic talents, and simply just buy a logo instead.

So, I found someone with a good star rating, and who could deliver me a logo within 2 days (some of them say they take up to 2 weeks). So I made my decision, signed up and ordered this service for a Fiver.

While placing my order, I was asked to provide the answer to five questions so that the logo could be tailored to suit my requirements. Here is how I answered them:

1. Company Name:

Alien Atmospheres

2. My site:

3. My clients:

Anyone who needs background music

4. Color scheme


5. Describe the logo you want to create

Needs to be a square logo, and easily able to read the word ALIEN in a 80px by 80px avatar.
Preferably with some kind of picture of an alien embedded in the wording. If you can squeeze some kind of music production reference in, such as having the alien playing a keyboard or guitar even better, but I guess that is quite a challenge and might be difficult to integrate. Whatever works best in your experience is fine.

And that was that. My order was placed.

So, let’s see in a couple of days how things turn out.

Update: the results of my Fiverr Music Logo test are in

So here we are then. Two days have passed, and as promised, the company I found on Fiverr has met their end of the bargain and provided me with a .jpg and .png logo based on the requirements I gave them.

Here are the results?

What do you think? Worth the money? Or have I been conned?

Please leave a comment because I’m interested to hear whether you guys think this is a worthy investment of my $5.00 or whether my Fiverr music logo test has been a failure.

Fiverr Music logo test
Fiverr Music logo test


Update: How to find a reliable and high quality logo designer on Fiverr

Since writing my article, I received an correspondence from a fellow blogger: Lettering Lad. He pointed me in the direction of some tips for avoiding being scammed on Fiverr and choosing a decent designer from the myriad of services available.

To read his information, please visit his website here:



Royalty Free Robots Music

Royalty Free Robots Music for atmospheric technology backgrounds

Royalty Free Robots Music

Be afraid, be very afraid – for the robots are coming.

Here is a high-tech, tension building piece of royalty free music, which would be suitable background music for any gadget, science fiction or technology related media project.

The track has a strong techno drum beat, with a mix of retro (yet futuristic) and modern dance synthesizer sounds providing the main theme.

120bpm, lively and creative. This is something a little bit different – give it a shot.

WAV and mp3 versions both provided for your convenience.

Click here to preview the track and download the full version

Royalty Free Space Flight Music

Royalty Free Space Flight Music download now

Royalty Free Space Flight Music

Brand new for 2015, I am pleased to launch my Royalty Free Space Flight Music. This is the first Alien Atmospheres release of the year. There are plenty more fresh, high quality, stunning library music pieces on the way. But in the meantime, this is the latest production to hit the market.

This stock music production provides the perfect background for a space flight sequence.

It is a calming, atmospheric piece of music which particularly suits animations of space travel, astronomy and science fiction.

Imagine the void of space as your starship glides past a never ending vista of asteroids, suns and strange planets.

This royalty free space flight music provides a futuristic and ambient feel. The full download includes both mp3 and wav versions for your convenience.

Click below to be taken to the audio preview, purchase and download page:

Space Flight Sequence

The music was produced mostly with synthesizer instruments inside a Digital Audio Workstation. Instruments of note are Omnisphere, Kontakt and Steinberg Dark Planet.

Retro Drum Loops Free

Retro Drum Loop Samples – Alien Atmospheres Free product

Retro Drum Loop Samples – Alien Atmospheres Free product

Along with creating high quality royalty free library music, Alien Atmospheres is proud to present its first collection of audio sound samples completely for free.

As usual, there are no hoops to jump through. Just follow the link at the end of this article to directly download the zip file which includes the first sample pack in this series.

For a taste of what is included in this series of high quality loops, click on the player link here to listen to a clip of one of the retro drum loop samples included in the pack. This one is called Alien Atmospheres – Retro Drums 1 – Complex + Rolls 120 bpm.

Vintage drum machines have always held a special place in my music productions. Ever since I first found an interest in electronic music, I fell in love with the early drum rhythms created by classic Roland, Korg and Linn instruments.

These machines changed music throughout the late 70s, through the 80s and well into the 90s until sampled drums provided a more natural sound and the characteristics of replicated drums using analog technology became more popular.

As an incentive to keep my visitors coming back to this site, I have decided to release a collection of vintage retro drum loops, absolutely for free. And to save you from waiting until the entire collection is complete, it is available in installments as and when I am able to produce new wave files and publish them on this site.

Please feel free to download these samples and use them however you wish. There is no limitations or license requirements for their inclusion in your music, or media production.

Thank you for visiting, and keep checking back for more samples added to the collection.

The easiest way to keep up-to-date with new resources and future releases is by following me on twitter or facebook.

Here is a link to the first collection of retro drum loops:

AlienAtmospheres – Retro Drum Loops – 1 120bpm

AlienAtmospheres – Retro Drum Loops – 2 140bpm