Lonely Dragon Royalty Free Chinese Music

Royalty Free Chinese Music – Lonely Dragon

Royalty Free Chinese Music – Lonely Dragon

Sample and Download now to use in your productions

My latest track is finished and ready for you to download and use in your own media productions.

You can stream a sample of it or download it for your own use at the below link:

Lonely Dragon – Royalty Free

Description of this high quality library music piece

Lonely Dragon is an emotional, oriental style piece of music. It starts with a single, lone koto playing the melody, which builds to a dramatic full Chinese orchestra finale. The perfect piece to accompany a Japanese RPG, oriental location shoot or any romantic picture. Love is in the air with this one, guaranteed your audience will be moved.

Can I use this in my game, youtube video or marketing campaign

Yes, of course. That’s the beauty of Royalty Free music. Once you’ve downloaded it from the website below, it is yours to use in any of the above and more without any PRS fees.

Lonely Dragon – Royalty Free

Isn’t it easier to just download or rip a track from a CD?

No – it’s illegal and if caught you will need to pay a hefty PRS fee. Just use Royalty Free music instead from a high quality music library. That’s what they are there for.

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