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Moog One Synthesizer

Moog One Synthesizer


Hi everyone.

Well. These are extremely exciting times for all of us synthesists, It really is like a dream come true to live in such exciting times of electronic synthesizer instruments. For years, we have have lusted after those vintage analog classics from yesteryear. And then after finally raising the funds required to meet the rising demands commanded by those vintage collectors items only to be scared away by the fear of purchasing a broken, faulty or high maintenance item that will let you down when needed for every day usage.

Well…those days are over. Here is a brand new golden age for analog synthesizer fanatics.

Let’s have a look at a few highlights from the last few years:

DSI Prophet 6, DSI OB6, Moog Model D Reissue, Mood Sub37, Korg Minilogue, Korg Monologue, Korg Prologue, Novation Peak, Roland SE-02…and not to mention, even Behringer are getting in on the act with the DM12 and Boog Model D.

But folks. Here it is. Yes, it is expensive. Yes it is limited to only 8 or 16 poly depending on the option you choose. And yes, it really, really is – after all of these years. An actual Polyphonic Moog Analog Synth.

You know, some people will scoff at the price. But other people will realise where the joy can come from by having an actual, tactile, real-life, Moog Polyphonic Synthesizer right in front of them. And a modern instrument, requiring no fixing, no temperamental issues. It just works.

The Moog One is here. Check out the video preview below.

Have fun all, and let me know how you get on with yours. Because you know, you will be purchasing a Moog One any day now!

Moog One Video Preview

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