The Lord of the Rings

Soundtrack to the books of J.R.R. Tolkein


Special Offer

Celebrating the release of The Hobbit movie, the Lord of the Rings aoundtrack is available to download completely free for a Limited Time Only.

Select from the individual tracks below to download in mp3 format now:

1 - Lord of the Rings Prelude

2 - Road to the Prancing Pony

3 - Aragord and Arwen at Rivendell

4 - The Mines of Moria

5 - Merry and Pippin Escape from the Orcs

6 - Sneaking Gollum (2012)

7 - Galadriel's Mirror

8 - Shadowfax

9 - Shelob's Lair (2012)

10 - Mirkwood

11 - Return of the King

12 - Gray Havens - A new beginning (2010)

All music (c) Anthony Benskin

May not be distributed or used publicly without prior permission.

Contact for all enquiries.

Welcome to the download page for my Lord of the Rings Album. All tracks here are totally original music compositions by Benskia (Anthony Benskin) and are provided in full and totally for free.

Production on this album started over 10 years ago, around 2000. Actually a good while before the Lord of the Rings was made into a trilogy of movies. The earlier pieces of the album were made using an EMU sampler and hardware synthesizers, some of the more recent tracks started relying more on computers and software synths.

The most recent addition to the album is the piece 'Sneaking Gollum' which was produced in 2012. Other recent tracks inlcuded here are remakes of Shelob's Lair and The Gray Haven's which make use of large sample libraries to provide a more convincing orchestral sound than the originals.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the music.